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Phonak launches new, modern hearing aids for severe hearing loss

hearing aids for severe hearing loss

Power hearing aid users are getting a modern upgrade with the release of Phonak’s Naída Marvel-SP hearing aids next month.

Described as a “fully-connected, multifunctional super-power hearing aid,” the new Naida Marvel hearing aids will allow moderate-to-profound hearing aid users stream music, answer phone calls and connect wirelessly to hearing aid accessories such as Phonak Roger technology and the Phonak Partner Mic.

Power Hearing Aids with Connectivity 

phonak naida marvel

The Phonak Naída M-SP is being hailed by Phonak as the “the world’s only super-power hearing aid to allow hands-free phone conversations as well as the classification of streamed audio signals.”

By connecting via Bluetooth, Naída Marvel users will be able to enjoy hands-free calls and stream audio from their favorite TV shows, music, e-books, podcasts and more. This technology essentially turns the hearing aids into wireless headsets.

“Calls can be answered or rejected with a simple push of the button, even if your phone is across the room,” according to Phonak. “In addition, you can even set your phone notifications to be heard through your Marvel hearing aids.”

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Accessories for the Phonak Naída Marvel

With a sleek design, power hearing aid users no longer need adaptors or receivers to connect to media or hearing aid accessories. These modern hearing aids for severe hearing loss features both AirStream and Roger Direct technology. This technology allows for a variety of wireless accessories to connect to the hearing aid, and allows users hear better in challenging environments.

TV Connector 

Phonak TV connector

Naída Marvel users will be able to steam TV and movies directly to their hearing aids via the Phonak TV Connector.

The TV Connector is an external device that plugs into the TV or stereo system. The audio is then streamed to the hearing aids, up to 15 meters (50 feet) away, via AirStream™ technology.

The Marvel hearing aids will automatically adjust between streamed speech and music signals, ensuring optimized sound quality, according to Phonak.

Phonak Partner Mic

phonak partner mic

The new Phonak Naída Marvel hearing aids can also connect to the Phonak PartnerMic.

Using AirStream technology, this discrete microphone can be attached to a user’s shirt or jacket, allowing for the hearing aid user to better understand one-on-one conversations.

Roger Accessories

Phonak Roger mic

For the first time, the Phonak Naída Marvel features RogerDirect. This means that users will be able to use Roger technology without attaching an external receiver or “boot.”

With installation required by an audiologist or hearing care professional, the hearing aids can connect to a variety of Roger technology, including the Roger Select, Roger Table Mic and Roger Pen.

Roger devices improve speech understanding in noise and over distance. They are useful in a variety of settings, including meetings, classrooms, public spaces and restaurants.

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myCall-to-Text app

Phonak app

In addition to all the streaming features of Phonak’s new, modern hearing aids for severe hearing loss, the Naída Marvel also connects to the myCall-to-Text app.

This “digital service platform,” created by Phonak has a variety of modern functions, including:

    • Remote Support: Talk to your hearing care professional remotely to adjust your hearing aid
    • Hearing Diary: Add personalized notes to keep track of your hearing experience and share your feedback with your audiologist
    • My Hearing Aids: Learn about your hearing aids’ battery status, personalized programs and statistics
    • Remote Control: Adjust and control the volume of your hearing aids. Simply select a program or scenario or personalize the sound even more with advanced features
    • Live Transcription: Transcribe phone calls from the other party in more than 80 languages in real-time.

The Phonak Naída Marvel will be available at the end of February through licensed hearing care professionals. They come in nine neutral color varieties, and is only available in the Naída M-SP performance model.

To learn more, visit, or talk to a hearing care specialist near you.

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The HearingLikeMe editorial team includes Jill von Bueren, Kirsten Brackett and Lisa Goldstein.
The HearingLikeMe editorial team includes Jill von Bueren, Kirsten Brackett and Lisa Goldstein.